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Voucher for Technical Assistance

Opportunity ID: 
Institution Type: 
Development Bank of Jamaica
Type of Financing: 
Minimum Amount: 
70% of the cost (up to $300,000)
Qualification Criteria: 


  • SME visits a DBJ Accredited Financial Institution (AFI) for a loan to improve/expand business operations
  • Loan Officer observes management gaps which will hinder the SME’s chance at a loan approval
  • SME is advised of gaps (e.g. poor business plan)
  • Loan Officer recommends the client for a Voucher (maximum of 2 vouchers per client)
  • SME visits the Business Development organization (BDO) of their choice:
    • Discusses the service to be accessed
    • Signs agreement
    • Pays 30% of the cost
    • accesses the service
    • DBJ pays the BDO 70% or the value of the voucher (whichever is lower)
  • SME returns to the AFI Loan Officer to finalise arrangements for the loan

Eligible BDO Services:

  • Training Courses
  • Management Consulting Service
  • Business Plan Preparation, Financial Statements, Marketing Plans
  • Strategic Plans, Mentorships & Coaching, Business Process Improvement

Eligible SMEs:

Firm Size
No. of employees
Total Annual Sales/Turnover
6 – 20
> $10 million ≤ J$50 million
21 – 50
> J$50 million ≤J$150 million
  • Interested in a DBJ loan
  • Approach an AFI with a proposal
  • Meet all other AFI requirements, including collateral
  • Registered business (with Business TRN)
Total votes: 1016