Opportunity ID Opportunity Title Institution Type Institution
FCIB-2014-44 Business Loan Private Sector First Caribbean International Bank
WNI-2014-45 Business Loan Private Sector World Net Investments
NCHF-2016-46 Niche Financing Quick Loan Private Sector Niche Financing
MCFS-2014-47 McKayla Financial Services Loan Private Sector McKayla Financial Services
PCCU-2014-48 Productive Loan Private Sector Portland Co-op Credit Union
MBCU-2014-49 Montego Bay Cooperative Credit Union Loan Private Sector Montego Bay Cooperative Credit Union
FRCU-2014-50 Business Investment Loan Private Sector First Regional Cooperative Credit Union
SSFD-2014-51 Self Start Fund Loan Government Self Start Fund
EXIM-2014-52 Small Business Loan Government EXIM Bank of Jamaica
DBJ-2014-53 Business Loan Government Development Bank of Jamaica