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NCB Quick Biz Facility

Opportunity ID: 
Institution Type: 
Private Sector
National Commercial Bank
Type of Financing: 
Minimum Amount: 
Maximum $5,000,000JA

Up to 36 months

Qualification Criteria: 

Can be accessed as a loan or an overdraft. The applicant should provide the following: Business registration documentsmm estimates/invoices evidencing loan purpose, last 12 months, bank statements ( if accounts are at other banks), last 3 years audited Financial Statements ( if available), Draft/In-house accounts for current year ( if audited accounts are not available), detailed cash flow projection, Valid tax Compliance Certificate, Letter of Good Standing from the Companies Office of Jamaica ( only applicable for companies), Valualtion Report for assett being pledged as collateral, Surveyor Report for residential or commercial properties being pledged as collateral, Copies of Certificates of Title for assets, detailed aged listing of receivables and payables (if available)

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