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DBJ Regular (J$)

Opportunity ID: 
Institution Type: 
Development Bank of Jamaica
Type of Financing: 
Minimum Amount: 
J$100M per entity or group. Rate to end user is 10% (Interest Rate subject to annual review)

Repayment period will be up between 8 years, including a maximum of 2 years moratorium on principal payments

Qualification Criteria: 

Types of Eligible Enterprises:
Large commercial & industrial users
Small & medium business users

Use of Funds
Construction of structures (for productive purposes)
Establishment of crops and livestock enterprises
Expansion or modification of structures
Purchase of machinery and equipment
Purchase of moveable fixed assets
Permanent working capital
Rehabilitation of existing enterprises
Energy conservation and renewable energy
Tourist attraction and wellness projects

Equity Requirement: 30%

Eligibility Conditions:
Project must be financially and technically viable
Valid Tax Compliance Certificate

Total votes: 647